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Living Out Loud"  Podcast! 

Let's talk Twitter!
Co hosts Barbara Venezia, Rene Horsch and Ben McDonnell discuss Ben's experience on the set of the movie "Concussion". He also discusses what it takes to get a part in Hollywood. How important is a sizzle reel?
Ben talks about the audition process and the role social media plays.

He shares personal stories, and gives us tips on how to find a reputable agent in show biz- 

we also talk about how different media outlets like Hulu, Netflix, etc. offer even more opportunities for actors! 

Co-hosts Barbara Venezia, Rene Horsch and Dr. Jorge Rodriguez have fun with this show as Rene shares Hollywood tidbits, and Dr. Jorge goes toe to toe with the Queen of Cannabis Baking- Patti Cakes. 

It's a lively discussion about the medical benefits of marijuana-though  Dr. Jorge and Patti Cakes don't agree on some aspects. 

Interesting, informative and a great 15 minutes of podcasting you won't want to miss!
Co-hosts Barbara Venezia, Rene Horsch and social media guru Ben McDonnell talk about Twitter. How important is it in the social media realm? And why is it becoming so important to businesses? Ben explains Twitter and more. A great 15 minute segment


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Just when I thought I'd seen how low Newport politics could go - it takes another disturbing dip!

Mistaken identity- personal impersonation? 

If you've never heard of being "Catfished" this is a column you should pay attention to!

Read now!

Venezia: Shooting sparks online outcry about security firm

In light of the tragedy in Orlando many are reacting in different ways nationally and on our local level as well. 

But have some gone too far as they link the company the shooter worked for to Costa Mesa?. 

The mayor of Costa Mesa takes exception with this Facebook posting. 

And in Newport Beach one resident airs his concerns to the city council in an email about a homophobic trend he sees growing in his city. 

It's an interesting column this week as controversy grows locally... 
BV with Ben McDonnell and Rene Horsch

The "Living Out Loud" podcast family is growing once again.  In addition to our series with Dr. Jorge Rodriguez where we discuss health and fitness issues, we've also started a series with co-host Ben McDonnell as we discuss everything social media!  If you thought you knew all there was to know about optimizing social media, guess again!

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