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Venezia's View: Facebook Provides Fodder for Silly Season

Letting your emotions drive the bus can lead to saying and doing things which are just downright stupid.  

Not a good thing if you’re running for elected office.

Some of what candidates put out in print makes you wonder what the heck they’re thinking.

What’s really entertaining is when they decide to let their emotions run wild by posting on Facebook.  

Who ranted and raved? It might surprise you...Read on...

Venezia: Campaigns reach the final, weird days

This week in Newport you can just smell the crazy in the air as Election Day approaches.

From those trying to "spin" stories, to those frustrated that rules mean nothing, to the oodles of campaign mailers we've all received — again proving that candidates/electeds like to spend other people's money foolishly — it's been a weird week.

How strange has it been?  Read on...

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