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Venezia: Getting a kick out of a photo shoot

Sometimes I feel like I'm on a strange reality show, only mine is in print, as I intertwine with the stories I write about.

Like a few months ago when I got a call asking if I'd be willing to be photographed in a pair of thigh-high, red, patent-leather, high-heel boots.

Sure, it's not every day I get that kind of request, but I didn't have to think twice about it.

I was in.  So why did I don some kinky boots?... read on...

My last column peeking into the politics of medical marijuana Measure BB in Santa Ana had some in the city crying foul.

Santa Ana's Planning and Building Department Interim Executive Director Karen Haluza, contacted me saying what I wrote about her meeting with Kandice Hawes, Director of the Orange County National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws- NORML, wasn’t how she remembered it.

So what was her perception of the meeting?  Could there be recalls and lawsuits in the near future? 

read on...

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