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"Living Out Loud"  Podcast! 

 Our first shows of the new season are now on line!

Co-hosts Barbara Venezia, Rene Horsch and Dr Jorge Rodriguez discuss the difference between catching a cold and the flu bug in our latest show.

How do we know the difference and what medications are pertinent to both? Dr. Jorge dispels misnomers about both. With cold and flu season upon us, this is a must listen to show... and as usual... our hosts entertain and inform us as only this trio can.

Hosts Barbara Venezia, Rene Horsch and Dr. Jorge Rodriguez have an interesting discussion about vaccines for children and adults. Should we vaccinate or not? 
The group also talks about deodorants- is the aluminum in them dangerous as some believe? 
Another interesting and provocative show!


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What's Hot News This week?

The Curry-Team Newport battle heats up

 "The lady doth protest too much, methinks," is a classic line from "Hamlet."

The quote describes a situation in which a person vehemently tries to convince others of something, but the opposite is true.

So is the "lady" in this case Newport Beach Mayor Diane Dixon and her "Team Newport" cohorts, Councilmen Scott Peotter and Marshall Duffield?

Are they protesting too much about Councilman Keith Curry's efforts for campaign finance reform?

They certainly are doing everything they can to discredit him. At the last council meeting Team Newport tossed him off as chairman of the city's Finance Committee, although he remains a committee member.

The war of words between the two factions here are heating up...

read all about it in today's column...

BV with Ben McDonnell and Rene Horsch

The "Living Out Loud" podcast family is growing once again.  In addition to our series with Dr. Jorge Rodriguez where we discuss health and fitness issues, we've also started a series with co-host Ben McDonnell as we discuss everything social media!  If you thought you knew all there was to know about optimizing social media, guess again!

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I'm an occasional on-air contributor to the radio show Lynn Hackman and Tom Johnson do every Sunday from 11-12PM on  KOCI There's always interesting chatter about what's in the news around town. Tune in online and listen... 

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